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Company profile

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Hymetal Building Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang district of Shanghai with an area of 23000 square meters. This location is adjacent to Hu-Hang Highway and 23 km to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and CRH Station.
Established in 2003, Hymetal is a foreigner wholly-owned limited liability company with a registered capital of two million five hundred thousand dollars. There are generally six groups of products: the group of platform screen doors in metro system, the group of natural gravity roof ventilators in steel structures, the group of aluminum windows and curtains, the group of steel stairs and handrails, the group of lift shafts, and the group of PCS parking system, etc.
In 2006, Hymetal introduced the natural gravity ventilation concepts from America and developed Hymetal Roof Gravity Ventilators with the help of East China University of Science and Technology. The Gravity Ventilators are installed on the roof openings and eliminate the hot air, waste gases and harmful gases gathered in the buildings. Different from the traditional ventilation equipment, the Gravity Ventilators work on the aerodynamic principle and require no power and thus realize low cost in use and maintenance. In a short period, this product was widely accepted by the domestic market and has became a common matching product for steel-structure factories. Hymetal has been always the recognized brand in the natural ventilation market in these years.
In 2008, Hymetal branched into the Metro Platform Screen Door (PSD) business and reached cooperation with the companies like Westinghouse and Faiveley. Starting from the orders of small parts, Hymetal is now growing into a first-line PSD manufacturers in China and has contributed to scores of domestic and overseas metro lines.
With the development of business, Hymetal established the Tianjin branch in 2010 and put it into use in 2012. With an area of 37000 square meters, the Tianjin branch is located near the intersection of Jing-Jin-Tang Highway and Tang-Jin Highway, 35 km from Tianjin Airport. This location makes possible the one-night distribution to the most sites in North China.
In 2007, ERP Management system was set up to realize central management. In 2012, Hymetal was accredited High-Tech Enterprise. In 2011, Hymetal gained the EN15085 certificate. In 2012, Hymetal passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.
For years, Hymetal has been striving for excellence and pursuing perfection in product development and quality and efficiency in management, trying to forge Hymetal into a premium enterprise in manufacturing.
Company profile